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Every business depends on words.  Great words can help you attract and excite your team members, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and (most importantly) find and delight your ideal customers.

Senior Author Michael Hume brings more than 40 years of professional writing experience to your business.  He knows how to tell your story – how to sell your story – to inspire your ideal audience and ignite your business.

Business is a cage fight. Brand X is out there, hoping to recruit your best employees, win your ideal customers, and beat you to the bottom line.  Get Michael on your team today… because, in business, whoever has the best words wins.

Introducing Three Great Solutions
To Help Your Business WIN

Ignite your business!  Attract and retain the best talent, stand out from your competitors, and find and delight your ideal customers.

Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Key Message Copy Platform

It’s a simple fact: When customers are presented with unclear, inconsistent, conflicting, or muddled marketing messages, they instinctively say “no,” and move on. However, creating consistent key messages can be one of the most difficult marketing chores. You’re under the gun to create a sales letter here, an e-blast there… and it’s hard to ensure all your messages are on the same “page.” The solution? Let Michael create a Key Message Platform for your business that includes an in-depth analysis of your firm’s “audience,” and a full array of strong, consistent, benefit-driven messages to help your business win.

Website Content Analysis

Take a look at your firm’s website – your 24-hour “silent salesperson” and key representative – because before deciding to do business with you, that’s often the first thing your ideal prospects will check. How will they assess your site, especially in comparison with your competitors’? With luck, your web designer has given you a beautiful, technically-sound site… but if the content is weak, confusing, or riddled with errors, your site simply won’t represent you well. It won’t work! Michael’s 35-Point Checklist and 5-Cs Copy Analysis will help your site compete with the best content on the web – and win.

Case Study Testimonials

Who can resist a good story? We read our favorite novels and watch our favorite shows and movies over and over. But neuroscientists note that tales do far more than entertain us: they have the power to deeply influence our beliefs and decisions by appealing to our emotions and our capacity for empathy.  Why not put this power to work for your business?  Case Studies are stories about how your best customers found great solutions to thorny problems by doing business with you. They're "super testimonials!" Michael’s a master storyteller (and empathy expert). Let him craft the tales that help your firm win.

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