Introduction to Michael’s 2024 Quest


Imagine doing something completely different, for seven straight weeks.  Taking a break from your current life, and bringing almost no remnant of it with you.

You don’t drive a car.  You don’t talk on the phone.  You don’t even look at your phone.

In fact, you don’t look at any screen, whatsoever, for the entire time.  No TV, no “smart” phone, not even the read-out on your digital bathroom scale.

QUEST: July 19


I walked 12.7 miles today to a town that has motels.  Tonight I get to sleep in a motel room, and more importantly, I get to share that room with Kathryn.

She’s staying a few nights in this town, using this motel as a jumping-off base for moving Quester around for me.  Can you believe how generous she is in supporting her goofy husband’s Quest?

QUEST: July 17


Another night in Quester, after a walk of 11.7 miles.  This time, Kathryn parked the camper in a paved “turnout” by the side of the road… the kind you sometimes see used by truckers, or even by campers like me.

There’s plenty of room in any turnout we use, so we don’t get in the way of any 18-wheelers.  Those truckers are also salt-of-the-earth folks, and I don’t want to do anything to impede them.

QUEST: July 16


My wonderful wife bought a small “teardrop” camper to use in support of my Quest walk, and she quite appropriately named it “Quester.”

(We name everything, by the way.)

Tonight is my first night in Quester… the first of several, as I make my way over to the monastery.  Today’s walk was about average, at 12.4 miles.

Kathryn parked Quester in a dirt parking lot near a business, the owner of which granted us permission in advance to park there for this one night.  They were extremely nice about it, and I’m grateful for their accommodation.

QUEST: July 15


Today I resumed my Quest walk by strolling a mere 5.8 miles (the shortest walk of the journey) to a hot-springs type of spa resort.

The accommodation here that came closest to meeting my budget was a tipi.  It’s not climate controlled, and I had to bring my own “bedding” (which is a travel pillow and a lightweight sleep sack).

QUEST: July 14


Today’s a rest day for me.  I’m giving my poor tired feet a rest, and I’m also giving my digestive system a rest.

I’m trying, as much as possible, to maintain an “intermittent fasting” regimen during my walk.  Every even-numbered date is a “down day,” during which I try to consume fewer than 500 calories.

QUEST: July 13


I haven’t thought of my Quest along the lines of a “hike.”  Except for a couple of days (like today), I’m just walking along paved roads, and many days don’t include much elevation change.  That’s not a hike.

But today, I hiked.  I traversed a 10,000-foot-high mountain pass, along a jeep trail I think most jeeps would find uncomfortable.  It was about sixteen miles, too.  So, that’s definitely a hike.

QUEST: July 12


What a beautiful day.  I walked 12.3 miles to today’s destination, which was a “cozy cabin” at a mountain resort.  I’m very grateful for tonight’s accommodations, for the outstanding and friendly staff here, and for the price, which was affordable enough for our budget.

It’s great to be able to get away to a mountain cabin at times.  Late in the autumn of 2022, I rented a little cabin not far from here where I spent a solitary weekend finishing my second Christmas story, The Innkeeper of Bethlehem.

QUEST: July 11


Today is a rest day, after walking 56-plus miles in essentially four walking days.

During my rest days, though, I still read… one chunk of scripture in the morning, and another in the afternoon or evening.

This morning’s reading was First Chronicles, 11-22.  This afternoon, Psalms 88-90 are on the schedule, plus Acts Chapter 28 through Romans 3.

QUEST: July 10


Yesterday, I suggested you use your imagination to “follow along” with me and The Lord as we make Our way to the monastery.

If your imagination is as vivid as mine, you might have had to dab your brow occasionally as you experienced the “heat” of walking several miles a day in the Colorado summer sun!

Today was a hot one.  I walked 19.1 miles to my next stop, a lovely (meaning, cheap) motel where the accommodations are indoors, and the staff are VERY nice.  (Thanks!)