QUEST: July 10


Yesterday, I suggested you use your imagination to “follow along” with me and The Lord as we make Our way to the monastery.

If your imagination is as vivid as mine, you might have had to dab your brow occasionally as you experienced the “heat” of walking several miles a day in the Colorado summer sun!

Today was a hot one.  I walked 19.1 miles to my next stop, a lovely (meaning, cheap) motel where the accommodations are indoors, and the staff are VERY nice.  (Thanks!)


It was the second-longest leg of the entire journey, and now, six days into the Quest (and only four “walking days” in), I’ve covered about a fifth of the total distance.

The imagination is a powerful tool.  I don’t mean this in a prideful way – not at all – but I’ve been blessed with a great imagination, and I’ve tried to use it as God would want me to use it (as though I could know what that is).

For instance – and here’s a possible “TMI” (Too Much Information) warning – I never had sex with anyone to whom I wasn’t married or engaged.  This has nothing to do with trying to be “holier than thou,” or anything like that.  I simply passed up hook-up opportunities because, while I could vividly imagine the pleasure of the moment, my imagination of the guilt over the following hours, days, weeks, months, and years was equally vivid.

I also think my writing has been enhanced by having a great imagination.  I have experience as an actor, and I always try to imagine acting my characters as if playing them onstage.  It really helps me bring characters to life in a story.  (I’m told my characters are good… feel free to read my stuff, and judge for yourself.)

And, getting back to the topic of today’s missive, my imagination has helped me bear up under all kinds of inclement weather during my life.  From Army days, to Christmas caroling gigs, to the regular rigors of living on the planet, I’ve been in many situations where I had to be outdoors for long periods of time when it was “too hot,” or “too cold,” or “too thirsty/dry” or “too wet.”

So today, as I trudged up and down the mountain roads in hot conditions, I used my imagination to call to mind times when I’ve been way too cold (a couple of recent caroling gigs spring readily to mind), and I tried to imagine that I was just coming from that “scene” and feel how “nice and cozy” today’s walk was.

It’s kind of a “Jedi mind trick,” I know.  And it didn’t make things ACTUALLY cooler out there today (just like the reverse trick didn’t heat up those frosty caroling gigs in actuality).  So I’m sure it won’t always work for everyone.

But it’s always worked for me.

Thanks for following my Quest.  If you’d like to respond, please post a comment here, or  send an email to  Either way, I look forward to reading your views when I return to my screen in late August.

Michael, Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Michael Hume is a freelance writer, singer, and songwriter, and author of The 95th Christmas. He's an honor graduate of the Defense Information School, and holds an M.S. from the University of Colorado School of Business. Michael is the author of hundreds of online articles, including the popular series Great Leadership Requires Inspiration, The Conscience of a Restorationist, Appreciate Your Adversaries, and Take Care of Your Business.

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