Introduction to Michael’s 2024 Quest


Imagine doing something completely different, for seven straight weeks.  Taking a break from your current life, and bringing almost no remnant of it with you.

You don’t drive a car.  You don’t talk on the phone.  You don’t even look at your phone.

In fact, you don’t look at any screen, whatsoever, for the entire time.  No TV, no “smart” phone, not even the read-out on your digital bathroom scale.


You don’t torture yourself… but neither do you seek your everyday comforts.  No air conditioning.  No favorite pillow.  No comfy recliner.

You don’t eat more than you have to, and you don’t drink anything but water.

You don’t “work out,” in the conventional sense.  You’ll get plenty of exercise, but your exertions will be no more than they have to be.

And you’ll be alone, most of the time.  By which I mean, for most of the time, your only companion will be your Constant Companion, the One who said He’d be “with you always.”

Every day, for seven weeks.  Just you and The Lord.

Minimal distractions.  Maximum listening.

This is what I plan to try this summer, starting a couple of months from now.  I’m planning to walk out the door of my house in southern Colorado and walk 250-300 miles to the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, near Abiquiu NM, where I’ll continue in “retreat.”

My amazing wife, Kathryn, will come and get me at the end of the journey… which hopefully will be seven weeks after I say goodbye to her and start walking.  But it might be two or three days in, when I say to myself and to my Constant Companion, “What in the WORLD was I thinking?”

I figure it will take me about four weeks to get to the monastery, and my reservation there is for three weeks thereafter.  My plan is to walk an average of 10-12 miles a day, depending upon which route I end up taking.  I’ll be walking almost exclusively along paved roads.

Whenever possible, I’ll sleep in cheap motels (but I won’t watch TV there!).  I’ll have a screen-free GPS device that will allow Kathryn to know where I am, and with which I can “ping” her to let her know I’m okay, or that I’m in starting my walk for the day, or that I’m in for the night.

Each day of the seven weeks, no matter where I am, I plan on doing only these seven things;

  • Sleep
  • Walk
  • Read
  • Write
  • Eat
  • Drink water, and
  • Pray.

I don’t know what I will discover, or learn, from this experience.  But if I can pull off the entire seven weeks, I’m guessing it will bring some good changes in me.

I’m practicing up – walking, eating less, reading and writing more – kinda easing into the Quest.  But I’m sure of this: I won’t be prepared for every eventuality.  And I’m okay with that.  If you think about it, the more preparation I do, the less faith I’ll need… and, therefore, the less I’ll probably have.

Jesus sent His disciples out two-by-two to spread His message, and told them not to take as much as a spare shirt.  No money, no food, Big Fat Nothin.’  They were to learn what it’s like to rely 100% on faith.

I have enough faith to try this, but not enough faith to walk out without any preparation.  I plan on taking a spare shirt, and then some (though I’m hoping to work out a way not to take any money).

I thank God for the faith I do have, and ask His forgiveness for lacking what faith I should have, but don’t.

I hope to reserve this “blog” space to update you on my progress through the journey.  But since I won’t be looking at any screens, my updates will have to be posted by somebody else. 

I’m trying to talk Kathryn into sharing her thoughts here from time to time during my journey, but she makes her own decisions, and since this Quest is my Big Idea, and not hers, I don’t expect her to take on more than she’s moved to do.

That said, she is supporting and helping me and my Quest in ways most wives would not, and no wife should have to!  THANKS, Wife!

If you have any thoughts to “share back,” please do… but the best way is to send a separate email to  I’ll get emails before July, but not thereafter, until late August.

Thanks for your interest in this Quest.  And I’ll look forward to telling you all about it!

God Willing.

-Michael, May 5, 2024

Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Michael Hume is a freelance writer, singer, and songwriter, and author of The 95th Christmas. He's an honor graduate of the Defense Information School, and holds an M.S. from the University of Colorado School of Business. Michael is the author of hundreds of online articles, including the popular series Great Leadership Requires Inspiration, The Conscience of a Restorationist, Appreciate Your Adversaries, and Take Care of Your Business.

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Steve Hartel - July 2, 2024 Reply

I admire your conviction and your courage. I’m sure it will be an amazing journey. Be safe. Take a screenless camera to record the wonderful things you are bound to see. Wear sunscreen. Enjoy!

Pat Sutherlin - July 2, 2024 Reply

I can barely walk across the street and back. So I can only imagine your quest. Best wishes and positive thoughts sent your way!

Gabe Zamudio - July 2, 2024 Reply

I’m envious, and obviously sinful for saying that. I look forward to vicariously living through your posts. The Monastery is amazing, beautiful, and will indeed be a nurturing place for contemplation and prayer.

Jennie Hume - July 5, 2024 Reply

I love you so much. I’m in awe of this journey you’ve taken. Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Jennifer Hays - July 5, 2024 Reply

Michael, thanks for sharing your quest! Wishing you God speed! Much love to you and God bless Kathryn for her support!

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